G4TW on read-only

G4TW (Games4theworld) in read-only mode

Since May 5th we noticed this announcement on the G4TW forum

These Forums are now in *READ-ONLY MODE*.
The Official G4TW Support-activities and new user registrations are suspended for the foreseeable future,
please read the Global Forum Announcement here.
Addendum: we do not officially endorse or approve of any ‘alternative’ Support-outlets, for the time being at least.

Just because one person, The_Gh0stm4n, decided that he is no longer willing to contribute to the G4TW, and – in his own opinion – there is nobody in the whole wide world who can replace him, he, more or less, shutdown the forum.
No possibilities for new registrations, nor for asking questions. Not even the possibilty that members help each other.

Quoting The_Gh0stm4n:

Mostly because you can determine very quickly if somebody is capable of “doing this”. And the way I see it, nobody is capable.

As “Gatekeeper” or “Acting Admin”, it’s also an important quality that you are able to overcome fears, and take charge of situations. Generally it involves many qualities that cannot be easily taught. And as lovely as the vast majority of the users here have been over the years, and after some reconsideration, I don’t think we can find a suitable new Gatekeeper among this existing userbase. Like I’ve said many times, I would prefer stating blunt and unpleasant things, rather than sugarcoat anything.

Latest announcement: Also take note that the G4TW Forum “is no more” – and it likely won’t come back. So no Support is given.

In case you need Sims-related help, feel free to ask your questions here.

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