Older Sims Games

Older Sims Games (Sims Stories, Sims Medieval, Sims 1, 2 and 3)

In order to reduce the number of torrent-downloads I decided to combine the older Sims games to just 1 selectable torrent


Installation Instructions:

Name of the game Page with instructions Additional info
Castaway Stories Castaway
Life Stories Life Stories
Pet Stories Pet Stories
The Sims Medieval all-in-one Medieval Cheats
The Sims 1 all-in-one Sims-1 Cheats,    Add-on-Handler
The Sims 2 all-in-one Sims-2



Note about selectable torrents

Once you made your choice(s) in a selectable torrent you cannot use that torrent again.
When you afterwards wish to make further choice(s) you must firstly remove  the torrent from your torrent-client and then re-apply.
You can delete a torrent from your torrent-client by right-clicking on the torrent and select remove. Don’t select remove and …

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