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  1. hi, I having problems with eco lifestyle and cat and dogs. it’s like broken cc, don’t show correctly in CAS. and the option to get to work doesn’t show. what I should do in this case ?

    1. Just to check for faulty cc, temporarily move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Then start your game again. No problems now ?
      From the file on your desktop copy the folders Tray and Saves to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts folder.
      Still no problems ?
      Conclusion: Something wrong with your cc

  2. Hi! I downloaded the game all in one version and have downloaded the new update via torrent too. I’m kind of stuck now, as when I try to cut and paste the new update in D/The Sims 4 it says there’s no space, even though 60 GB is left. Thanks for your help!

    1. Try to do this:
      1. download the Anadius Updater
      2. Extract with Winrar
      4. Run the sims4-updater and browse to the installation-folder of the Sims 4 (this must be a folder on your PC and not an .iso mounted file)

  3. It seems like you answer here more than in the other place, I decided to just paste my question here.

    I’ve done everything, and everything went smoothly, but when I go into the game, nothing’s changed. It still says I don’t have any of the packs, and that’s confirmed when I test it out by adding a random character from the gallery that requires packs. There are three reasons I think this could be happening. One, I don’t have the game on origin. I have it on steam, and I’m not sure if it works on steam. The game’s file location is also different because of that, at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4, and all the folders for all the dlc’s are also there. Two, I did this by watching a video tutorial that failed to mention to click no for the first step, even if you have the actual base game. Third, I am doing this with the base game, so I don’t know if it works with the base game. Do you have any idea what’s wrong with my game? Also, I just recently learned about this dlc-toggler thing? What is that? Do I need that for the dlc’s to work?

  4. Haai! Ik heb mijn sims normaal gedownload en ik wil sims uit de store downloaden, maar sommige items kan ik niet downloaden want er staat dat ik moet updaten naar de recentste versie.

    Weet je misschien hoe ik dit kan oplossen, want de update knop bestaat niet meer.

    Thank uu!

  5. Hello, i keep getting update failed, try again. following files were not updated 🙁 i need help^

    1. You can move the Sims 4 to anywhere on your computer or even external HDD.
      Make sure however that the new location is under the exceptions of your anti-virus

  6. I just wanted to install the sims 3 base with the selective Anadius method, but it won’t install and gives me an error. I’ve also tried installing it with an expansion or something and still can’t install. What should I do?

  7. When I try to connect to Zcliet, it just gives me a “Connected” and then “Disconnected” immediately after. The service appears to be online but I cannot seem to get anywhere after these messages.

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